Group Run Info for January 26

Our next group run will meet this Saturday, January 26, at New Balance at 8 am. The good folks at New Balance Knoxville will be offering 20% off of shoes and 30% off of apparel for group run attendees!

Mileage options are 14 miles (marathoners) and 7.5 miles (half marathoners). To preview the suggeted group run routes:
14 mile –
7.5 mile –

January 12, 2019 Group Run Information

This Saturday’s group run will meet at the NEW Eddie’s Health Shoppe Downtown at 8 am. Recommended mileage for marathoners is 13 miles and 5 miles for half marathoners. See maps here:

13 miles –

5 miles –

Store specials this Saturday include:
-33% off non sale/15% off sale on all Millennium products (includes Athlete’s Recovery, BCAAs, Glutamine, ZMK, CRE, etc)
-12.5% off GU and Sports Beans
-33% off Honey Stinger waffles
-ZenEvo protein peanut butter cups $2
-ZenEvo chocolate 30 day bags $18.99, 7 day bags $4.99
-33% off non sale CBD oil, 12.5% off sale CBD
-33% off non sale multi vitamins and greens powders