Fittest School Challenge Results are In!

2020 Fittest School Challenge Results are In!

Although the 2020 Covenant Kids Run was a virtual event, we still had the Regal Fittest School Challenge! The Fittest School Challenge was a competition between area schools that awarded winners based upon percentage of participation. Each child that participated in the Virtual Covenant Kids Run between November 7-15 earned one point for their school. We tallied up each school’s respective points and divided that number by the total enrollment of that school to determine their participation percentage. We award prize money to the top schools in a ten county radius. More than one school in each county was eligible to win prize money.

TWO DIVISIONS FOR 2020! We offered two categories for the schools based upon their enrollment. The two categories are Small (300 or fewer students) and Large (301+ Students). Now on to the winners…..

Large Size (301+ students)
1. Shannondale Elementary                               $1,000
2. Rocky Hill Elementary                                       $750
3. Ritta Elementary                                                $500
4. Carpenters Elementary                                      $350
5. Bluegrass Elementary                                        $200

Small Size (300 or fewer students)
1. Episcopal School of Knoxville                         $1,000
2. Knoxville Christian School                                 $750
3. Nature’s Way Montessori                                   $500
4. Garden Montessori                                            $350
5. St. Mary’s Catholic School                                 $200

Congratulations to these schools and to all that participated in the 2020 Virtual Covenant Kids Run. Finally, a big thank you to Regal for sponsoring the 2020 Fittest School Challenge!

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