Fittest School Challenge Results are in!

2018 Fittest School Challenge Results are in!
Thanks to a sponsorship by Regal Entertainment Group, we are proud to award $4,200 to area schools through our 2018 Fittest School Challenge.

The Fittest School Challenge is a competition between area schools that awards winners based upon percentage of participation. Each child that participated in the March 24, 2018 Covenant Kids Run earned one point for their school. We tallied up each school’s respective points and divided that number by the total enrollment of that school to determine their participation percentage. We award prize money to the top ten schools in a ten county radius. More than one school in each county is eligible to win prize money. The list of winners and prize money breakdown is listed below:

1st – Garden Montessori School$1,000
2nd – Nature’s Way Montessori School$800
3rd – Episcopal School of Knoxville$500
4th – Shannondale Elementary$400
5th – Carpenters Elementary$300
6th – Highland Park Elementary$200
7th – Kingston Elementary$200
8th – Greenback School$200
9th – Eaton Elementary$200
10th (tie) – Briceville Elementary$200
10th (tie) – Steekee Elementary$200

We will present each school with a plaque and a check before school gets out this Spring. Thanks again to Regal Entertainment Group for sponsoring the Fittest School Challenge!

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