Humana Fittest Company Challenge


Large Size (501+Employees)

1. Pilot Company
2. Covenant Health
3. Clayton

Medium Size
1. Radio Systems
3. EdFinancial

Small Size
1. RbM Services
2. Fleet Feet Knoxville
3. Pattison Sign Group

Q: What is the Fittest Company Challenge?

A: The Fittest Company Challenge is an opportunity for friendly competition among area businesses during all the marathon events. For each employee (or immediate household family member of an employee) who finishes a race, your company gets 1 point per mile finished. For points to be counted employees must register properly and complete their race. RETURNING IN 2024! Both employees AND immediate household family members of an employee will count for points in the Challenge!

Breakdown of points possible:
Marathoner = 26.2 points
Half Marathoner = 13.1 points
2 Person Relay = 13.1 points per person
4 Person Relay = 6.55 points per person
5K Runners = 3.1 points
Volunteers = 1 Point per volunteer

Q: Do we have to run the marathon to participate?
A: No one from your company has to run the marathon to participate in the challenge. Employees can participate in any event as a runner or as a walker. However, we do not encourage walking a marathon because of time restraints. Rather, we encourage walkers to participate in the 5k or half marathon or as part of a relay team.

Q: Do we have to be a large company to participate?
A: There are categories for small, medium, and large companies, as determined by the number of employees listed in Knoxville Chamber’s directory of area employers. You will only be competing against other companies of similar size. Plaques are awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place companies per category.

Q: How do we receive points for our employees finishing?
A: Each individual can register themself for the challenge either online or via the mail-in registration form.  Just make sure that each employee (or immediate household family member of an employee) indicates your employer’s name in the “Employer” box during registration.  Once all races are complete (and results are in), we will tally the points for your employees and immediate household family members of your employees that finished their respective races.

Q: What if no one from our company is a runner?
A: Marathon officials will provide training programs to help participants prepare for their event. The Health Shoppe/Knoxville Performance Lab/ZenEvo Dark Chocolate group run program is organized to help both beginners and advanced runners reach their goals. Remember that walkers are also encouraged to participate in the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon.

Q: Why should I promote this program to our employees and their family members?
A: Running and walking promote a healthy lifestyle, which in turn creates healthier employees who rely less on health insurance, which helps control the bottom line. It is also a good way to boost company spirit and a fun way for employees to interact outside the office. Getting the whole family involved not only helps get the family members healthier but creates camaraderie at home and at the office.

Common Questions & Answers:
Q: Does the team coach register the entire company team?

A: Not necessarily.  Each individual can register themself either online or via the mail-in registration form.  Just make sure that each employee indicates your employer’s name in the “Employer” box during registration.

Q: Our company would like to pay the registration fees for our employees, how should that be handled?
A: Please contact the marathon office to discuss options.

Q: Can my family sign up as part of our company challenge team?
A: YES! Returning in 2024, employees and immediate household family members of employees can score points for the employee’s company! Make sure that the registrant selects your company from the drop-down menu for “Employer” during the online registration process.

Q: When are the awards presented?
A: We will present awards to the top three companies in three divisions at a future Knoxville Chamber Meeting.

Here are some ideas to help generate excitement at your company:

  • Offer team gear with your company logo to wear during training runs and race day
  • Challenge another department or local companies to see who can have more participants
  • Offer an extra day off (the Monday after would be most appreciated) to recover for those running in the marathon
  • Invite a marathon guest speaker to talk to employees about health and wellness
  • Hang inspirational flyers in break rooms and other public areas
  • Encourage top-level management to participate
  • Provide training updates through company emails and paycheck envelopes
  • Pay part or all of participant registration fees (or reimburse after race day)

Contact the Marathon office with additional questions.  Contact us or phone: (888) 217-5635