The 2022 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Training Runs presented by the Eddie’s Health Shoppe, Knoxville Performance Lab, and ZenEvo Dark Chocolate will begin in December 2021. Please see below for an idea of what the 2021 program was like.

The program is intended for anyone looking to experience the fun, excitement, and camaraderie of training for the marathon. This program is being led by experienced runners and is open to everyone. The 2021 program is geared to not only marathoners, but half marathoners, relay, and 5K participants as well.

This is what we have to offer:

  • Training runs for everyone!  Runners of all levels are welcome to participate in the suggested weekly long runs. We will have several distance options ranging from beginner to advanced. The long runs will take place on most Saturdays at 7:30 am.
  • Mileage for long runs for beginners and advanced

Looking for a customized training plan to get you to race day? Check out RunKNOX or Knoxville Endurance. RunKNOX is a group training program owned and operated by the Knoxville Track Club. Knoxville Endurance is available to help with one-on-one personalized coaching plans.

Group Run Cost:

• NOTHING! We are not requiring a fee for non-KTC members to participate in the training runs. However, we still encourage you to join the KTC and enjoy the benefits of being a member. You will receive discounts on registration fees at KTC races (including the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon), purchases at participating retailers, and a subscription to the award winning KTC publication, Footnotes. For more information go to

How to sign up to receive the email reminders/updates:

  • Contact us
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DateWeekHalf MarathonMarathonNotes
June 1212 miles6 milesEddie's Health Shoppe - 8025 Kingston Pike
June 1923 miles8 milesNew Balance Knoxville - 8027F Kingston Pike
June 2633 miles10 milesTSMG - 2260 Sutherland Avenue - hosted by Knoxville Endurance
July 343.13.1Pilot Fireball 5K
July 1054 miles12 milesEddie's Health Shoppe - Downtown
July 17610K - easy10K - raceKTC Springbrook 10K - Alcoa
July 2476.3 miles12.6milesFleet Feet Knoxville - 11619 Parkside Drive
July 3187 miles14 milesRunners Market - 4443 Kingston Pike
Aug. 798 miles12.4 milesNew Balance Knoxville - 8027F Kingston Pike
Aug. 14108 miles16 milesRunners Market - 4443 Kingston Pike
Aug. 21118 miles15 milesEddie's Health Shoppe - Downtown
Aug. 29129.3 miles18.6 milesPilot CrossKnox 15K (twice for marathoners)
Sep. 41310 miles20 milesRunners Market - 4443 Kingston Pike
Sep. 12149.3 miles18.6 milesTownsend 15K (twice for marathoners)
Sep. 181510 miles15 milesThe Long Run - 2452 Sutherland Avenue
Sep. 251612 miles12 milesCHKM Start Line! (or Big South Fork Trail Race)
Oct. 31713.126.2RACE DAY!!!

NOTE: This is a recommended 9 week training plan that could get you ready for race day!

1Alternate jogging and walking 1/4 mile intervals for a total of 1 mile
2Jog 1/2 mi, walk 1/4 mi, jog 1/4 mi for a total of 1 mile
3Jog 3/4 mi, walk 1/4 mi, jog 1/2 mi for a total of 1.5 miles
4Jog 1 mi, walk 1/4 mi, jog 1/4 mi for a total of 1.5 miles
5Jog 1 1/4 mis, walk 1/4 mi, jog 1/2 mi for a total of 2 miles
6Jog 1 1/2 mi, walk 1/4 mi, jog 1/4 mi for a total of 2 miles
7Jog 2 mis, walk 1/4 mi, jog 1/4 mi for a total of 2.5 miles
8Jog 2.5 miles
9Race Day!

* The Saturday Morning Group Runs start at 7:30 am.

* Run locations are subject to change. We will make a weekly recommendation for mileage options. Please check this schedule or our Facebook page for weekly updates.

*This schedule is only a suggestion. Please listen to your body and be flexible with your runs. Do not fight injuries and rest when you need to throughout your training.

*Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. The KTC and the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Group Run Program are not responsible for injuries. We are simply offering a schedule of organized runs for individuals training for the marathon.

*We will not be able to provide water and snacks at the training runs. Be sure to bring your own water and energy bar/gel for after your runs.


*There will be runs for varying paces every Wednesday beginning at 5:30 pm at the Runners Market in Western Plaza for those looking for a mid-week group run. You can visit the KTC Group Run page by clicking here.

*In addition to the Wednesday night group runs, there are group runs on Monday nights from Orange Hat Brewery, Bearden Beer Market, and Balter Beerworks. Give them a call for more information.